As Soft As Baby Skin

‘As soft as baby skin’ implies there’s nothing as tender as baby skin demanding special care to keep it looking and feeling best. Skin starts ageing time after we’re born and this itself tells us care infant-skin needs.

  1. I believe first thing needs addressing is dressing baby in light-weight, long-sleeved clothing that allows skin breathe. Keep baby’s clothing soft, with natural fibres like cotton to avoid rashes and flare-ups. No smothering baby in fancy silks etc that can scratch and tear into skin, ouch. No over-doing on warm clothes unless the conditions demand.
  2. Avoid chemical sunscreen protection until after baby is at least six months. Instead, when going out, give it a hat and sunglasses, ensuring they don’t scratch or harm. If your baby is older than 6 months it’s okay to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen, especially made for infant-use. For mild infant sunburn, apply a cool cloth to baby’s skin for 10-15 minutes a few times daily. Stick to infant-specific quality brands formulated for baby’s skin, hypoallergenic and tested under supervision of dermatologists and paediatricians.
  3. Keep baby skin dry and clean always. Using quality diapers is second to nothing. Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy. Every time baby needs diaper change, clean area with damp, soft towel and dry with another, paying special attention to folds of skin. If rash appears, apply some Milk of Magnesia on the affected area and leave baby free of diaper for some time.  Check area behind baby’s ears regularly so there’s no dryness/rashes etc.  Never use perfumed products on infants.
  4. Light-massage, prior to bathing, helps hydrate skin and promote sleep. Use specially-formulated, branded products. Never fiddle with the baby’s cradle cap, ear skin or navel as probing could lead to severe problems beyond superficial infection. Bathe baby in lukewarm water, after testing it on back of your hand; too cold or warm water will harm skin.  Use a hypoallergenic soap made for baby’s soft skin.  Soap application could be kept for alternate days.  Use a ‘no-tears’ baby shampoo on hair. After bathing, dry baby skin thoroughly and while still moist, tap lightly a baby moisturizer to keep it soft and healthy.
  5. Never use starched clothes, towel, bedding etc as being abrasive they will scratch tender skin. I made sure to dip all new clothing in water & sun-dried them to make them germ-free. Never use harsh detergent while washing baby’s clothes as it could cause severe skin reaction. Wash baby clothes separately to avoid cross infection from adults. When using antiseptic, make sure it is diluted so it doesn’t aggravate soft skin. Despite best care, if skin rash does occur, don’t treat it yourself, but get it checked by paediatrician.
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Writing to me is unbridled passion, an obsession that I cannot and do not want to ever be rid of.  It keeps my mind ticking and proactive to every nuance of life.  Writing unleashes the thoughts of my soul, lending voice to the innermost recesses of my mind that otherwise would perhaps have died a silent death, to put it mildly.
Writing is my alter ego, a persona of my personality, a facet of the façade that combines to make a complete and wholesome me.  Writing sustains and buffers me from the vicissitudes of life.  It is the invaluable Me Time I spend, enjoying my own company, while penning down what cannot be encompassed into the spoken tongue.  It adds zest to my spirit, more so when am feeling down and out.  My best, even if that may sound dangerously pompous, is when am riding a trough in life rather than a crest!
Whenever am moved by something, I resort to putting pen to paper and simply pour my heart out with a frenzy that can only be felt (this is perhaps one place where ironically words are failing me miserably!)  Writing to me is an emotional catharsis which cleanses my mind of all malaise which then seems gone in a poof.  It is therapy for me which requires no prescription and works better than medicine.  It is the most dignified expression to my thoughts and ideas, conception and perception.  It is lyrical music to my soul being played out in words.  Writing is the simplest joy of my life which manifests into being the biggest. 
Through writing, I live out dreams, aspirations, hopes and even disappointments dealt out by the dealer called life in the gamble called living.  The poignant bonding I have towards this component that completes the jigsaw puzzle termed life is what makes the latter absolutely total and totally absolute.
While writing, I do not strait-jacket my thoughts but allow them to freely roam the lush green meadows of my fertile mind, superbly aided by the soaring flight of imagination sans fear of any speed-breaker impeding the flow.  The moment I have to focus on my thought process, amble for words, design phrases, well, I’m almost done in.  That’s just the juncture where I sense the creative juices drying up and know it’s time to take a break only to resume with a fresh lease of life, oops, writing. 
Forgive me then my idiosyncrasies that go in the name of writing.  My soul is oxygenated each time I conceptualize little words dancing in my psyche pursuing me to bring them to life on paper.  Little words, big ones;  ordinary words, fancy ones; core words, hangers-on; each having a character all its own tantalizing my insides to give them free vent, waiting to be unleashed on paper and go beyond me, that’s what writing is to me.
Take away my life and I may live; take away my writing and I hear the death knell tolling!
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Dressed in fine crepe de chine

Loving it when in the mirror she preened;

Fragile like Dresden China

Voice chirpy like the singing mynah;

Cascading hair soft as silk

Face reflecting the purity of milk;

Skin pretty peaches and cream

All in all, an artist’s dream;

Stilettos adding to the innate grace

No eye could stray from that face;

Picture perfect as she sat in style

But, hey, what’s this that made me rile;

Though dressed every bit to kill

Her hairy legs made me feel ill;

Perhaps in her quest to look her best

She’d forgotten that unsightly hair is a pest;

All attempts to be fun and jovial

Failed; I wish she had opted for her hair removal!

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Hello world!

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Happy blogging!

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